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Benefits for Teachers

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  • FREE access to EasyWorksheet Class Products:
    • EasyAnalyzer (demo accessable by registered teachers only): our instant gradebook which breaks down tests by objectives. Quickly identify how much students understood each objective! Identify areas of weakness! (Results are by student or class!)
    • Mastery Page: See how your students are doing on each concept and which concepts are mastered for each test or assignment. Design homework with mastery of concepts as a goal. Make class time efficient.
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    • Save Frameworks (objectives) to the test/quiz/homework!
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  • Grades Instantly and breaks down scores by objective.
  • Assign Online Homework, Tests, and Quizzes!
  • Create Practice tests (Set tests so students see answers after questions) or Create Traditional tests (set tests so students see answers only at the end).
  • NO CHEATING -- With our Frameworked tests, you save the objectives not the questions, so students all get different tests covering the same objectives!

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Benefits for Students

  • Access 24/7* at home or at school!
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  • Students get Extra Practice because they are actually Registered for the subject! This means they can generate practice problems on their own!
  • Step-By-Step Solutions which go over EACH question in detail and show how to solve them.
  • Internet connection problems are NOT a problem! Students can jump back into a test they began and haven't finished.
  • Online Tests that not only help students Learn how to do the problems, but Help the student FIND THEIR COMMON MISTAKES!
  • Easy Online Reference Guide with Interactive Examples (for some subjects).
  • Special Test Taking Techniques and Hints.
  • Interactive Online Test Example.
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