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Have Teachers tried this out?

Absolutely! Here's what some teachers had to say when we let them try the Easy Worksheet™ generator:

"This is amazing! It's just what I needed." — Nance Cedar (West Potomac High School -- Fairfax County VA)
"It's so easy to use!" — Dr. Amy Galitzer (West Potomac High School -- Fairfax County VA)
"It's great for Special Education. We need something like this!" — Angelia Leonard (West Potomac High School -- Fairfax County VA)
"I saw 'Create Worksheets,' and I said, 'Thank you Lord!'" — Cindy Tuttle (Osburn Park High School -- Prince William County VA)
"I'm a 10 year teacher, and I've never seen anything like this! This is perfect!" — Amy Vazquez (Woodson High School -- Fairfax County VA)
"You have an AWESOME product! It's changed the way I teach and improved the way my kids learn" — Rod Ready (Sandhills High School -- Sandhills Public Schools NE)
"First, your site is life changing for me! I have taught for 16 years and I believe in spiral reviews. Our books are so old I do not use them at all. I create all of my own work. Easy Worksheet has improved my teaching and my life. Thank you!" — Joanne Cook (Jennings Middle School -- Akron Public Schools OH)
"Thank you so much for sharing this site. You have made my job easier. This site also allows more needed practice for my students. THANK YOU !!!!" — Rachel Flake (Turner County High School -- Turner County Schools GA)

Have Parents/Students tried this out?

"Thank you very much for the worksheet. My son's pre-algebra grade jumped from C- to A-."
          -- Experanza Zhang

"During the middle of the school year, my math grade dropped to an all-time low, F. My grandparents got me a tutor, but I'm such an independent person, so even with the tutor, I still had an F. When I told my teacher that, she recommended EasyWorksheet instead of this tutor. I was willing to try anything! So my grandparents got me EasyWorksheet and I took a break from the tutor. In no time at all, after starting EasyWorksheet, my grades improved to the max! I went from an average of F's and D's to B's and A's. By using Easyworksheet thirty minutes a day, I had doubled my grade average and gotten a better attitude towards math! Before, I didn't care about the grades, but after using EasyWorksheet, I got excited about math! And whenever I didn't know how to do something, I could always go to EasyWorksheet for extra help!"
          -- Jessi Gower

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