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  • Multiple Choice Test Practice for High Stakes Tests such as the SAT, and State Mastery Tests.
  • When absent, you can go online, create a worksheet, copy it to a Word Processor, and then EMAIL it to your school!
  • All worksheets come with Step-By-Step answers as well as an Answer Key.

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  • Low annual fee, and discounts for multiple teachers at the same school! (Only $34.95 for each teacher for access for 1 WHOLE YEAR!
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  • Access to your EasyFrameworks Database:
    • You can save EasyFrameworks of any test made.
    • Use this for keeping Objectives for tests from year to year.
    • EasyFrameworks stores the objectives to create the test! So you can make new tests covering the same objectives next month or even next year!
    • Give students the ID numbers of these tests to complete at home or at school!
    • Create make up tests easily in seconds, even months later!

    Students MUST purchase their own accounts, or the school can purchase AIM Class Accounts
  • Manage your Classes (With EasyAnalyzer!)
    • Students should register with your class ID number. When they do so they are Automatically added to your class!
    • Give students ID numbers of tests/quizzes and homeworks from your EasyFrameworks Database -- Results of their tests are automatically saved.
    • The EasyAnalyzer will tell you how much students understood each objective!
    • Use the EasyAnalyzer to Identify areas of weakness! (You can see results by student or class!)
    • See a DEMO of EasyAnalyzer (registered teachers only)
    • You can manage your class! See results in many different forms! (Best Score, Average Percent, Percent Improvement, etc).
  • Change any worksheet into a Word Puzzle Worksheet. See a Multiple Choice Example or see a Free Response Example. Change any worksheet into a Picture Puzzle Worksheet. See a Multiple Choice Example or see a Free Response Example. And change any worksheet into a Board Game. See a Board Game Example
  • Generate Puzzles to reinforce vocabulary and build critical thinking skills!
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  • Change Teacher's Place Background Colors!
  • Search and Share EasyFrameworks within your School

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