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This is a sample online test. Feel free to play around with it.

Students take tests online and see instantaneous results! Tests can be taken for practice or for mastery! Steps for each test question are given, and students have a place to fill in the reason they got the question wrong! For class accounts, scores are recorded.
By choosing to see the solutions at the end, students are tested to see if they have mastered each objective!

Please pick one:

See Solutions as you go.

See Solutions at the end.

See Solutions as you go (PRACTICE AND LEARN)

When you see solutions as you go, you cannot skip problems. The Step-By-Step solution will be shown to you as soon as you have finished the problem.

See Solutions at the end (MASTERY)

When you see solutions at the end, you can skip around and even change your answers. The Step-By-Step solution will be shown to you only after you have finished the test.


Both test versions allow you to write in WHY you got the answer wrong! This way you can see what types of mistakes you make and learn from them.
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