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North Carolina SCOS Math 7
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(Random) NC.7.RP.1 Compute Unit Ratios

(Random) NC.7.RP.2 Recognize and Represent Proportional Relationships (Random) NC.7.RP.3 Solving Multistep Ratio and Percent Problems (Random) NC.7.NS.1 Addition and Subtraction (Random) NC.7.NS.2 Multiplication and Division (Random) NC.7.NS.3 Word Problems (Random) NC.7.EE.1 Apply Properties of Operations (Random) NC.7.EE.2 Understanding Expressions (Random) NC.7.EE.3 Solving Problems (Random) NC.7.EE.4 Constructing Equations and Inequalities (Random) NC.7.G.1 Scale Drawings (Random) NC.7.G.2 Triangles

(Random) NC.7.G.4 Formulas for Area and Circumference of Circles (Random) NC.7.G.5 Supplementary, Complementary, Vertical, and Adjacent Angles (Random) NC.7.G.6 Area, Volume and Surface Area (Random) NC.7.SP.1 Basics of Statistics (Random) NC.7.SP.2 Draw Inferences about a Population. (Random) NC.7.SP.3 Visual Overlap of Distributions (Random) NC.7.SP.4 Measures of Center and Variability (Random) NC.7.SP.5 Chance and What it Means (Random) NC.7.SP.6 Approximating Probability (Random) NC.7.SP.7 Probability Models (Random) NC.7.SP.8 Find Probabilities of Compound Events

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