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Volunteer Opportunities

1. Spread the Word!

Getting the word out about EasyWorksheet is one of the key ways that you can really help us out. The product is for teachers and students. The students that are currently using EasyWorksheet have shown incredible improvements. Most have improved by at least 2 letter grades or 50%. We ask all teachers to let the parents of students that need extra practice or help to know about EasyWorksheet. As a teacher you can tell your students which objectives will be covered on a test and it's up to them to practice. So in any way that you can inform parents and students and teachers about this product will be a big help.

2. Participate in Conferences by Giving an EasyWorksheet Presentation

We also have not been able to logistically present in most states (we are based in Virginia, and have started presenting locally). We have presentation materials available and you would have access to some of our other teacher and student products. What's great about the conferences is that the teachers are so thankful and happy toward anyone that has presented EasyWorksheet. You will be able to introduce many new teachers and schools to EasyWorksheet.com, as well as demonstrate how to use EasyWorksheet, how to EDIT documents in EasyWorksheet.com, and as a thank you for presenting, you will be given a TeacherPlus+ account. We will need to be notified of the conference in advance, so we can send you the appropriate materials. Use the Contact Us page if you are interested in being a volunteer presenter.

3. Write an Online Reference Guide!

One of the nice features of our site is the Online Reference Guide. The Easy Online Reference Guide with Interactive Examples is written by teachers who know the concepts, and can point out what's really important. The idea of EasyWorksheet is for a student to master one concept at a time, so our Online Reference Guide has one full page per concept. That's a lot of pages we are writing! Knowing HTML helpful but not necessary when writing the guide. If you are interested, please Contact Us.

4. Spot Checking!

As you use EasyWorksheet.com please let us know of any problems, mistakes, concerns, ideas, or complements you think of! If it's an error, please be sure to tell us which subject (example: Algebra II), the objective (example: sum of arithemetic series), and the error you found. We fix errors right away -- Our goal is to make EasyWorksheet error free, but that's only possible with your help!

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