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FREEdom Class Accounts - The Perfect Teachers Assistant

Save Money - Save Time - Get Results - Easy to Use

Cost: Free for teachers and only $20 per student (Includes Online Textbook).

  • Teachers have the Freedom to give Printed Tests or Online Tests.
  • Online Assignments are Graded Instantly with results Broken Down by Objective to make class time more efficient.
  • Works with Any Textbook or you can use our Smart Interactive Textbook which comes free with most subjects.
  • Currently Used in Over 18,000 schools. Students and Teachers LOVE our Product!
  • Easy to Use System with Technologically Advanced Customized test taking options.
  • Students improve 23-27% on Average and are more likely to do their homework.
  • Accounts include Our World Famous Puzzle Generators.

Student accounts include:

  • Ability to complete Online Assignments
  • An Online Reference Guide for Most Subjects
  • Fully Worked out Problems for Each Objective
  • Videos and Games and Puzzles for some objectives
  • Unlimited Practice for every Objective with optional Mastery Testing

College Subjects Include: Remedial Math, College Algebra, Statistics, Discrete Math, Calculus 1

For More Info and to Sign Up a Class go to https://www.easyworksheet.com/collegecontact.shtml

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