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Easy As Pi Remediation Program

We understand the complex challenges for school systems, and we want to help.

Easy As Pi accounts can be bought by a school DISTRICT, an INDIVIDUAL school, or even by TEACHERS. Each student who has an Easy As Pi account will be able to use EasyWorksheet.com™

Students are given a second chance by the teachers to go back and learn everything that they did not understand before. Students work on EasyWorksheet to MASTER all the missing objectives. Teachers agree that if the students master the missing objectives and pass the statewide test, that they will raise all F's to high F's. Notice that this doesn't give the student a free pass, they still need to show mastery of the topics to the teacher during the last quarter of the year. Students with as little as one quarter, have had remarkable results. A half hour to an hour a day is all it takes for students, and has lead to over 87% of students using EasyWorksheet regularly passing their classes where they would have otherwise failed! And so far, 100% of students who have successfully completed the program have passed!! Check out our Samples of what you get:

    • EasyAnalyzer Demo (accessable by registered teachers only) - EasyAnalyzer is our instant gradebook that teachers can use which instantly breaks down tests by objectives. So teachers can quickly identify how much students understood each objective. The EasyAnalyzer will Identify areas of weakness! (Teachers can see results by student or class!)
    • Mastery Page - Teachers can see how their students are doing on each concept and which concepts are mastered for each test or assignment. Homework is designed with mastery of concepts as a goal. This makes class time more efficient.
    • What Students Get - All students get full at home and at school access.
    • What Teachers Get - All teachers get Advanced Teacher +C accounts.

    The district annual cost per student is about the price of 1 school lunch. We accept Purchase Orders. If you want us to build additional products for you then just ask.

Grades 5-8
Up to 30 students$150 flat fee
30+ Students$5 per student
100+ Students$4 per student
500+ Students$3 per student
1,500+ Students$2.50 per student
5,000+ Students$2.25 per student
15,000+ Students$2 per student
High School
Up to 30 students$240 flat fee
30+ Students$8 per student
100+ Students$6 per student
500+ Students$4.75 per student
1,500+ Students$3.75 per student
5,000+ Students$3.00 per student
15,000+ Students$2.50 per student
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