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Ever Wanted Your Own Worksheet Generator?

Now you can have one!

Benefits Include:

  • Being able to put topics in the ORDER you'll cover them!
  • Using the worksheet in YOUR CLASSES! (Remember, class products are sold separately).
  • Adding in questions that you want/need for your classes!
  • ONE TIME FEE! There are no fees for hosting!!
  • Worksheet Generators can be made public, or private (for you, your school, your district, etc!)
  • You will get a Teacher Plus+ account with access to your worksheet generator FREE for one year!

    Setup: $20.
    For Each Objective:
      • ONLY $1 if we have already made it ($2 for Advanced Topics such as AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Discrete, and Statistics)
      • $3 for any book entry we have not already made. Book entries that we currently have are free.
      • If we have not created the objective yet: starts at as little as $5 depending upon the complexity of the item and if you need a book entry for it.
      • Teacher Plus+ account or higher is included for FREE for the first year.
      • Total must be at least $100 for creating the worksheet. (Minimum order fee is $100.)

    Example #1:
    Suppose you wanted 50 topics we already have put into a worksheet (From Algebra II) and out of these, 48 already have books (so you need 2 more book entries). Plus you want 10 more very easy items added in with book entries:
    $20 setup
    $50 for 50 already done entries
    2($3) for 2 new book entries we'd have to write (notice the others are free!)
    10($5) for 10 very easy items added in with book entries.

    Total: $126

    Example #2:
    Suppose you wanted 60 topics we already have put into a worksheet (From Prealgebra and Algebra I). Plus you want 20 more very easy items added in. You don't care about the book entries:

    $20 setup
    $60 for 60 already done entries
    20($5) for 20 very easy items added in without book entries.

    Total: $180

    Example #3:
    Suppose you wanted 30 topics we already have put into a worksheet (From AP Calculus and Precalculus). Book entries for both are already done, so they don't cost you anything extra!

    $20 setup
    $2(30) for 30 already done COLLEGE LEVEL entries

    Total: $80 ← But in this case, the total is less than $100 so we would charge the $100 minimum payment!

    If you want your own Worksheet generator, just hit "contact us" to the left, and we'll be able to give you more details and even a price estimate!

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