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What is an EasyFramework??

An EasyFramework for a test is all the information you need to enter into EasyWorksheet for us to create a test for you. Things such as a list of objectives with the number of questions of each objective are essential to creating a customized test! Since teachers use the same EasyFrameworks to make multiple tests, we've decided to help you out!

With the Teacher Plus+ account, you get the ability to:

  • Keep EasyFrameworks of the tests you make for easy reference later
  • Print out a test you have already designed quickly and easily!
  • Have students take online versions of tests at school! *
  • Have students complete online homework with results emailed to you! *
  • Get the ability to search for EasyFrameworks
  • Get storing for up to 1000 EasyFrameworks
  • Get EasyFrameworks for chapter tests in your book (so that you don't have to think about what objectives are being covered!)
What does this mean to me as a teacher?
As a teacher, this means that you can create an EasyFramework for all of your tests, quizzes, and worksheets, and generate them quickly and easily. You can also sort and search through your EasyFrameworks with our EasyFramework database!

How much does it cost?
An upgrade to the
Teacher Plus+ account that includes all of the above is only $29.95 per school year. Get your Teacher Plus+ account now!

* For paid student accounts only
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