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Factor Maze Puzzle

Instructions: Start at the top left hand corner, and solve the maze by factoring every polynomial you come across. Write the factorization under the polynomial for easy reference. You can only move one square up, down, left, or right when it SHARES a factor with the current square. You have solved the maze when you exit at the bottom right.

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4x2 + 16x + 7
8x3 + 6x2 -77x
10x2 -23x -5
-40x2 + 124x -60
6x3 -7x2 -5x
6x2 -x -15
15x2 -22x -5
15x2 + 26x -21
10x2 + 19x + 7
25x3 + 50x2 + 21x
-2x2 -9x + 11
-10x2 -49x + 33
2x2 -9x + 7
10x3 -29x2 -21x
10x2 -29x + 21
5x2 -2x -7
3x3 -2x2 -x
9x2 -30x -11
3x3 -32x2 -11x
3x3 + 4x2 + x

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