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Translate into symbolic form:

1) Zelexis was playing games or Karl did not go to the store

2) If Ralph goes to the store then Darnell likes surfing the web
3) The dog needs to go out and the team plays on Thursday

4) Karl loves school if and only if the dog doesn't need to go out and Helen did not go out Sunday night
5) If Karl likes peanuts or apples are on sale then Alexis is not in 10th grade

6) If the team does not play on Sunday or today is not Thursday then the project is due Thursday
7) Bill did not go to the store or today is Thursday if and only if Lenny has a red hat

8) Ralph is in 10th grade if and only if frogs do not like snow
9) If the team does not play on Wednesday or Charlie is married then Sara does not love school

10) If the pen is not blue then Adrian likes candy

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