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1) A triangle has sides 6, 1, and 6. What is the perimeter?

2) The radius of a circle is 1. What is the area?
3) A triangle has base 5 and height 7. What is the area?

4) The area of a circle is 201.06. What is its radius?
5) A triangle has base 9 and height 8. What is the area?

6) A triangle has sides 6, 6, and 11. What is the perimeter?
7) The circumference of a circle is 18.85. What is its radius?

8) A triangle has base 3 and height 3. What is the area?
9) The area of a triangle with height 2 is 5. What is its base?

10) The circumference of a circle is 6.28. What is its radius?

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